How Does Google Ranking Factors Work?


A Google Ranking is a mathematical relationship between a collection of objects, usually computer-generated, such that, for example, the first item chosen by a user is “listed higher than” the next item and so on. Google defines a “site’s” ranking as the highest or lowest among all the sites listed in the search engine. Google ranks a website according to several different factors, including the number of incoming links, how many backlinks a website receives, and what the total number of pages on the site are. Links can come from any source, including other websites and blog posts.

To start with a Google Ranking, Google performs a complex algorithm that compare various factors, including a site’s page content, its title tags, any existing links to the site, and the keywords used in the title, meta description, and tagline. The algorithm also takes into account the popularity of each page in the site. The final factor, the search intent of the searcher, also plays an important role in determining a website’s rank. Google ranks a website according to the highest search engine result for each search term or keyphrase that is entered. Google’s search engine page ranking formula also takes into consideration the number of times a given keyword appears throughout a web site’s content and throughout the actual text on a website.

Search engine rankings vary from one major search engine to the next. The most common method of determining a website’s ranking is through the use of search engine rankings algorithms, which are designed by Google. Because new websites are constantly being added to the index, it can take a long time for a site to move up in ranking lists. Because it takes time for a website to improve in terms of its Google Ranking, SEO services are often recommended by successful Internet marketing companies as a way to quickly improve a website’s Google Ranking. These services include the use of certain programs that can automatically increase a website’s rank in the popular search engines, as well as a website’s overall content.

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