Google AdWords: How Does it Work?


Google AdWords is an online advertisement platform developed by Google, in which advertisers place relevant ads, service offers, product listings, and video clips to web visitors. It’s able to place advertisements both in the sponsored results of popular search engines such as Google Search and on non-sponsored web sites, blogs, and videos. This means that not only are you reaching a targeted audience, but you’re also reaching audiences outside the boundaries of the Google websites themselves.

To make great use of Google AdWords, marketers must first register for a free account, and then pay for any campaign they wish to run using a credit card. It is possible to run a wide variety of campaigns with Google AdWords, depending on the targeted audiences and advertising available platforms. In most cases it’s also possible to test advertising campaigns for a limited period of time – typically a week or two at the most. Testing campaigns with AdWords allows advertisers to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns without spending real money, since they can measure ad performance based on the cost per click and view rates.

Google AdWords has revolutionized the way that companies market online. Unlike banner ads, Google AdWords enables businesses to create highly targeted ads that are specific to their exact audience. It also allows for much more detailed targeting of ads, to ensure that users are presented with relevant ads. With a high number of advertisers bidding on keywords, it is also much easier for businesses to obtain the highest ad rank possible, since the maximum bid tends to be based on the highest ranking keywords.

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